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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Lilacs are Blooming

Spring is one of my favorite seasons....Seeing all the trees turning green,and the bulbs popping from the ground,and then blooming in vivid colors,
always gives me a feeling of new beginnings....Watching all the birds starting to return,and trying to find the "perfect" birdhouse to make their nest, brings a special thank you...The wrens have already taken claim to a new house I added this spring. I always wonder how on earth they find their way back. Soon the hummers will return..the feeders are out and waiting! They bring me so much joy all spring and summer long.
A sure sign of spring are the lilacs and Judas tree Blooming in my Gardens.
Just the slightest breeze brings their wonderful scent into my bedroom windows....

"Junior" Our Downy Woodpecker from last years brood.. is busy eating his suet,and courting his
Lady...soon we will have Juniors brood...

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