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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

New Christmas Cross stitch and mess up

I just finished this wonderful Chrismas Bell Ornie and have listed it on Etsy.I love how it came out..such a wonderful design by Stacy Nash.Tiny Holly and Snowflake Colonial Design...
Here is a link to my shoppe

And my Mess Up for the day...Having a ton of orders to finish and get shipped
yesterday one of the items was a set of my prim owl ornies. I stitched them,and they were sweet...then it was time to "age" them. I don't know what the heck happened,but when I opened the oven to take them out I was sick..For some reason the staining went crazy..and they looked horrible....talk about extreme prim...grrrrrrr. So needless to say I had to make a new set...I was not
a happy peron with a list of orders to complete..Just another day in
They should have looked like this
Have a Gread Day My Blogging Friends...I am off to work on Orders..


Cat Haven Crafts said...

LOL - save your grungy owls from Halloween. They would sell well then (seriously)!

nancy huggins said...

They are different and I know what you mean by extreme prim..Can you prim the fabrics before you make them..that is what I had to learn to do.
They will sell for Halloween..I have sold many mistakes in the past

Sew Many Raggedies said...

Don't fret, that happens to the best of us!! You just never know how baking is going to turn out. LOVE your stitcheries!!

Carol said...

Marilyn, you cooked those poor owl's goose. LOL, but your other ornies are cool beans!

Michelle~Sugar House Creations said...

Aw, I like your grungy owls! They are just more prim than the other ones. Just put the eyes back on and list them. :)

Angie Berry said...

Ah yes Marilyn, I love the bell ornie too, very cute! So is the partridge tuck!

Oh my, that is extreme prim! I know it's not funny at all, but I had to laugh a little. Keep them... make them into spooky Halloween owls for next year, they are still cute.

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