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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

new stuff and water damage in wall...

Wow...time goes by quick when your having fun...lol. I have been super busy with orders (thankfully) but on top of that had major construction done in our living room..due to water damage and wet rot....so shared my home with carpenters,plasterers, cleaning crews,painters..so much fun..Room is finally finished but have not decided what I want to do over fireplace and on mantle yet...
But first...here are a few new goodies in my etsy shoppe and website.

And here is my living room nightmare..That the carpenters found once the paneling was removed from the wall...

The scarey  thing is we used that plug above where the mantle is..we are so lucky it did not start a fire..Those two outlets on each side had hot wires and were just covered with paneling...grrrrrr

After wall stripped,plaster removed,new studs put in,sheet rock,plaster and paint...
Have to decorate now..Picture needs to be hung..then I go from there...Below are the colors I chose for the painter..Its like having a open palette....soon as I get a little time I need to decide what goes on mantle and walls etc...

Just so glad I have all these people out of my house. It was crazy trying to do orders, all my normal household activities etc with carpenters,painters etc..
and all the living room stuff in my dining room...what a mess it was..

Off to work on orders...just wanted to share my latest adventures..lol



The Moonlit Stitch said...

Love the snowman & cat! Your trim color is great, enjoy your home in peace! ~*~Lisa

Prims By The Water said...

Wow so glad you did not have a fire. looking good though. Cannot wait to see your decor. Happy Thanksgiving! Janice

HollyRidgeCreations said...

So happy that this was found before something terrible happened! Your new wall is lovely...would love to see a virtual tour of your home.

And, as always, I love your creations.


HollyRidgeCreations said...

Your new wall is looks great...so glad you got it before the old one caused serious damage!

As always, love your new creations


Smith Mosan said...

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Emely Carmichael @ CM Hazard Control said...

Wow, fires could've easily burst from your walls in that condition! It's a good thing that the crew had everything fixed promptly. Going with Toasted Cashew for the walls and Stepping Stones for the trims make a good combination that gives the place neutrality. That would make your decorations stand out if you ask me. Thanks for sharing this, and I want to say an overdue congratulations for a job well done!

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