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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Random act of Kindness!

I just had to share the wonderful loving heart of this amazing Artist! As many of you know since my heart attack,I have been in such a down state of mind. Scared of what my future holds..and that is not normally me. My emotions are super sensitive  at this point.
Last night while on etsy I clicked on a link of an Artist with amazing talent. She needle felts and sculpts wonderful works of art...and many of her pieces are little animals. While browsing I stopped on a listing of the sweetest little German shorthaired pointer..and fell in love with him. She captured the soul of this breed in his little face. Knowing that I could not afford to buy him(tho he is worth every penny she charges) I had to at least email her and tell her how wonderful her work was..and how much I loved this little guy.And how I lost my Hanzy (my German shorthaired Pointer) so I knew how wonderful the breed is..And their soulful eyes...
To my utter amazement she emailed me and said she wants to send him to me..that she knows
he will be loved! Crying so hard I could hardly respond to her email..I offered for her to choose some pieces from my stores and she said no...she just wanted me to love this little guy!
She has touched my heart more than anything has in a long time..Her Act of Kindness and Generosity totally blew me away! You must check out her shop..To think she creates these
little guys with a ball of wool  shows a creativity not often seen!

I want to publicly thank Janice from the bottom of my Heart for this Gift of the Heart...Please check out all her wonderful Creations..you won't be disappointed!
Her store link
Wool Sculptures

Closing this post with the biggest smile..she lifted my spirits and my Heart...

Hugs n Blessings


nancy huggins said...

That is the best news I have read in a LONG time...there are still very caring people out there and you will find a lot of them here in blogland. She knew in her heart how much this little dog would cheer you up and that was the most wonderful thing anyone could do for you. She has my praise from the bottom of my heart too. I love stories like this :)

BumbleBeeLane said...

Yes such a cutie.Such a wonderful jesture of kidness.Blessings and Rak's always touch so many.Warm Blessings!~Amy

cockermom said...

She is indeed talented! And so wonderful to send this little guy to you. I agree, she has captured the breed so well.
I hope you have a speedy recovery, both physically and emotionally. Heart conditions are scary things for sure, but usually just a good warning to shape up and take better care of yourself! LOL I am a nurse so I know how scared you feel. Just take care, take it easy and enjoy what you do!

basketsnprims said...

What a lovely gift from a talented artist!

MoonBeam said...

What a sweet story. Heartwarming to read instead of the Black Friday feel we have during the Christmas season these days.

He's really cute.

Kitty said...

Absolutely a beautiful gesture! It does brighten your world when someone this kind enters it. I am so happy for you and he is one handsome doggy! Amazing work!

annie said...

How precious he is! Just so sweet of her to bless you! Enjoy your early gift!

Angie Berry said...

Oh my word Marilyn, your post has me in tears! How very sweet of Janice to gift you with this sweet dog! I love his little face and eyes. She is very talented indeed! Enjoy the little guy, he is sweet!

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