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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

HI my Blogger Friends!

 First I want to wish Each of You a Wonderful Thanksgiving..shared with friends and family and filled with Love and Blessings!
 I can not believe it has been so long since I blogged! It has been crazy in my life. August and Sept were insanely busy for me. My etsy shoppe kept me very very busy. I think I did something like
180 orders between my shoppe and my website from August til the First Week of October. I am thankful for the business,but it was truly more than I could handle and was I stressed out!
  On October 8th..I Had a Heart Attack! I was with my Grand daughter at the grocery store. Hubby was in car,as we just came from dinner out. I walked into the door  about 15 feet, and it felt like someone hit me in the center of the chest with a baseball bat. The pain was horrible. Thankfully I was holding a cart,or I would have gone down. I had two thoughts...my God what is wrong with me,and I did not want to scare my Grand daughter. Somehow I got her to get what she wanted and got out to the car..told my husband about the pain. We got home, he handed me aspirin,which I took,and then layed down..It was the night from Hell.
Pain,swetting,nausea...yep all the classic signs..but I refused to go to hospital and subject my grand daughter to sitting there all night. (Cause it was probably indigestion) the Next day I slept for 20 of 24 hours and was soo tired,listless,scattered...with a pain that would go from my chest to my left arm and then back to my chest. For almost another week I continued doing orders,etc and only went to heart doc cause my Mom nagged me into going.
 they did an echo,and the next day a stress test...I was home from the stress test 15 minutes when the
heart doc office called. They said for  my hubby to go to drugstore and get four perscriptions and take them immediately..and to call 911 if my chest pain got any stronger. I asked what was going on and was told I had a massive heart attack,had a blockage,and was scheduled for surgery the next morning.
Turns out I  had what they call the "widow Maker" which ususally kills the person instantly..yet willpower and God,and my love for my Grand daughter kept me going. The  Circumflex &,Left Anterior  decending arteries  were 100% blocked and they needed to put two stints.Because I was stubborn
and ignored the pain, I did do some nasty damage to my heart. Part of it is not working...so its kinda scarey not knowing how things will go. Six months we be the turning point..

So......Please please..if you have chest pain..go to the Hospital...Do not ignore it..its very important
that you don't! Like they said to me in ICU in Philly...how would your grand daughter do if you had died? So don't be stupid and stubborn like I was.
On a lighter note...a few new goodies on my Website and my Etsy shoppe

Bell Wall Hanger...Tennesee Ridge Design
Vivian  Fuller designs

Jingle Bell Melts

More goodies to come and hopefully no long lapses in writing..
Blessings and Smiles to you all


Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Oh my gosh Marilyn, such a scary post. I'm so glad you are still here and I hope everything goes well for you.
Wonderful creations!!!
I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.
Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends.
Prim Blessings

Tam said...

I love the Prim sewed Bells and that cat is very unique

Marilyn said...

Thanks Robin..I have always been so strong..it kinda scares me to be a "sissy" right now...lol
thanks so much for the Prayers!


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