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Thursday, July 21, 2011

New Listing and a Giveaway!

Good Morning all my Blogging Friends...First I want to share with you my Newest Listing for the Jack o Lantern Pillow/tuck/Hanger. I listed it today  and my New Giveaway
You can find it here:Jack O Lantern Pillow on Etsy
And Now...My newest Giveaway...Hope you will sign up for a chance to win it!
I decided to GiveAway ths Autumn Pillow.

You can just leave a comment and be entered to win. For additional entries You can
  • Post this on your Blog Sidebar
  • Become a follower of this blog(if you already follow you already have two entries)
  • Visit my Etsy Shoppe and tell me your favorite item
  • Visit my Website and pick a favorite item
  • Tell me what you love about Autumn
There you go...up to 6 chances to win! Drawing will be on August 18th
Best of Luck to all who Enter!
Smiles n Blessings


xsgail said...

I am a follower of your blog. I love the pillow!

xsgail said...

My favorite item in your Etsy Shoppe is..Reproduction Tree of Life Fabric Primitive Pin Keep

xsgail said...

My favorite item on your website is the vintage fabric pinkeep.

xsgail said...

What I love about Autumn is the crisp and cool air. I love picking apples and going to the War Eagle Craft Fair.

basketsbyrose said...

I following you

basketsbyrose said...

I will post on my blog in a few minutes.

basketsbyrose said...

Love your turkey red civil war pinkeeper.

basketsbyrose said...

I know it is sold but I love your pineapple!

basketsbyrose said...

I love fall apples, from pies to cakes, bread. juice, going to the apple orchard need I say more!

Sandi @ The Primitive Skate said...

I Love your pillows. So cute!!!
I would Love to be entered in your Giveaway!

Sandi @ The Primitive Skate said...


Sandi @ The Primitive Skate said...

My favorite etsy item is "Primitive Jack the Pumpkin"

Sandi @ The Primitive Skate said...

My Favorite website item is "the dry goods keepsakes box and Bighead Prim Punkin Man"

Sandi @ The Primitive Skate said...

My favorite thing about Autumn is the colorful leaves on the trees. I live in the country...nothing like seeing all the trees with the colorful leaves falling in the cool air.

Sandi @ The Primitive Skate said...

I'm off to post your Giveaway on my sidebar. Thanks for the chance!

Vicky said...

So cute, Marilyn! I'd love to win your pillow! I'm a follower!

Vicky said...

Posting this to my blog's side bar!

Vicky said...

Really Love ALL of your bowl fillers but the little Witch's Hats are super cute!

Barb said...

Hi Marilyn,
The pillow is adorable and would look great in my home!!
I am a follower of you blog!
I will post to my side bar.
Love your big head prim pumpkin man.
Love your prim pear bowl fillers.
I love the cooler weather and the changing of the colors!
Thanks for the great giveaway!

Firecracker Kid said...

Hi Marilyn, Wow, I gotta take a chance for this one. Awesome and handmade by my beautiful friend:)

I have posted this on my giveaway page and shared on my FB and tweeted.

I'm happily following you.

Oh, to choose a favorite is hard, but I do adore your cross stitching

Mmmm, I love your prim fixins on your websites. They look yummy smelling:)

One of the things I love about Fall is raking leaves while the kitties play in them jumping and frolicking.

p.s. I also love your new cross stitch:)

TeresaM said...

Please enter me in your giveaway! Love your new pillow too!!!


Oh what a neat pillow. Sign me up Marilyn. Will go and post this on my blog & FaceBook.
Thank you

Beckyjean said...

Hi Marilyn~

I would love to be entered to win your wonderful pumpkin pillow.

I'm a follower.

Favorite etsy item is your primitive best friends cupboard dolls.

Little pumpkin scarecrow ornie/tuck is my fav from your website.

My favorite thing about Autumn is the leaves changing colors on the trees.

I am posting your giveaway on my blog.

Thanks for the extra entries.

Have a wonderful day~Becky

Wendy @ Ravenwood Whimzies said...

Oh..I'ld love to win your pillow, please enter me..I'm already a follower of your blog.

Wendy @ Ravenwood Whimzies said...

I love your witch kitty in your Etsy shop.

Wendy @ Ravenwood Whimzies said...

I love the "God forgives" sampler on your website - it's gorgeous!

Wendy @ Ravenwood Whimzies said...

What I love about Autumn is the smell of crisp leaves, the feel of the air, pumpkins, pumpkins and more pumpkins and mums!

Tins and Treasures said...

Good Morning, Marilyn,
Thank you for entering my name into your generous giveaway.

I do follow your blog...and I love Hoot, the Owl! Not sure if I can pinpoint one thing I like about autumn. I like the colors of fall, college football, and the sound of leaves crunching beneath your feet!

Have a wonderful weekend. ~Natalie

Jean @ Prim Crafts said...

Hi Marilyn,
I am a follower and would love to enter your giveaway. Your Autumn pillow is beautiful!
-I have added your giveaway to my blog sidebar.
-I love the sugarcone tealight candle in your Etsy shop.
-I love the Early cupboard sugarcone candle in your webshop.
-I have many things I love about Autumn, so to pick one would be cool Autumn nights and sunny breazy days.
Thank you for the 6 chances at this pillow. I hope I win!

cottageprims said...

I'm a follower and would love a chance at the sweet pillow.Warm Blessings!~Amy

cottageprims said...

Your new Halloween stitchery has to be my favorite on Etsy right now.

cottageprims said...

I love We welcome thee pineapple on your website.

cottageprims said...

My favorite thing about Autumn.Hmmm everything..smile..Cool fresh days,beautiful drives enjoy the colorful leaves,spicy scents,getting ready to snuggle in for the coming winter.

beforethedawn said...

Hi Marilyn! Thank you for the great giveaway! I am a follower and I posted to my sidebar.

My favorite item at your Etsy shop is the WoolFelt Acorns. I have a "thing" for acorns. I grew up with oak acorns, a small thing I miss as an adult!

At your site I see pudka pods! I love those little pumpkin looking pods! :D

I love just about everything about Autumn. It is my favorite season. I like the crisp cool air. I love the leaves changing. I love Halloween. I love autumn decorating. I love pumpkins! :)

Blessings, Jessica

Anonymous said...

What a nice giveaway.Please enter my
1. I am a new follower
2. I like Jack the pumpkin on your
etsy site
3. I like the crow box on your website
4. I like when the leaves change in
5. I will post this on my sidebar
Country at heart

TheRustyThimble said...

I am a follower
what a wonderful pillow

TheRustyThimble said...

I will add to my sidebar as soon as I am done signing up

TheRustyThimble said...

I love your acorn bowl fillers in your etsy shop that I am going back to heart

TheRustyThimble said...

Love your keepsake box on your site

TheRustyThimble said...

Autumn I love summer LOL but I am looking forward to cooler temps this year. I love doing fall creations and I am having a big giveaway also come sign up

Dani said...

love the pillow..please sign me up too...and come over to my giveaway...trying to get 100 followers..getting close! I will post on my sidebar also.....love your etsy shop and am partial to the tree of life pinkeep......will be back!

CalamityJr said...

1. my comment: Oh, I do love that pillow! Count me in with 4 chances, please and thanks!

2. my favorite thing in your Etsy Shoppe: Reproduction Tree of Like pinkeep

3. my favorite thing n your website: Old crow keepsake box

4. my favorite thing about autumn: after THIS summer, it has to be cooler weather, lol!

wickedfaerie said...

HI I am now a follower please enter me in this great giveaway.


wickedfaerie said...

I just visited your etsy shop and I love the jack-o-lantern pillow. It is lovely you do nice work.


wickedfaerie said...

I visited you website and I adore the little Raggedy Ann with the Crow. Really cute!


wickedfaerie said...

I am posting your Giveaway on my sidebar. Stop by sometime I am also having a giveaway, my first.


lilraggedyangie said...

Beautiful blog ! I am now a new follower , it is nice to meet you . I look forward to reading more of your posts! enjoy your day! hugs lilraggedyangie

dee begg said...


I am a follower and would love to be entered into your giveaway.

I will post on my blogs sidebar for you.

I love your wool felt acorns in your etsy shoppe.

What I love best about autumn is the cooler weather and the terrific craft shows! Couldn't decide which one I liked better! LOL!

Thanks for the chance to win this gorgeous giveaway.


Angela said...

Hi, I am a follower of your blog

2. On Etsy my favorite thing is the Halloween Jack-o-Lantern Pillow Tuck

3.My favorite on your website is the prim witch crow candle mat that has already sold

4. My favorite thing about fall, are the craft shows, cooler temps. God's beautiful landscapes, the smells of fireplaces,and cool nights sitting in the porch swing.

Thanks for hosting a great giveaway.
Thru Nanas Window

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Holy Moly...nice pillow and look at how many you have signed up! Way to go Marilyn.

Prim Granny said...

Hi Marilyn,

Love your pillow, would love to win!
I am a follower.
No blog, but I will post to my FB.
Gosh, it's hard to choose a favorite but I have to say I love Chester Rabbit and your Beeswax dipped pantry jars.
I love the changing colors of fall, along with the fires in the backyard with my family.

Thanks for having the wonderful giveaway!

Cyn said...

Wonderful blog and giveaway..I am having one too! I am also posting ot my side bar..good luck to everyone

Cyn said...

I am a follower and love your blog. Great giveaway..I am having one too!

I also posted on my sidebar.

Good luck to all!!

Deb~Paxton Valley Folk Art said...

Woo-hoo, I'd love to be entered into your lovely giveaway Marilyn!
1) Here's my comment;
2) I have posted a link to your giveaway on my blog (right sidebar under Great Giveaways);
3) I am a follower of your blog (thought I was following but Google said no so I am following you now!);
4) I LOVE your Witch Kitty Tuck in your Etsy store, too cute!;
5) And on your website, oh my, so many lovely things to choose from, but think I love OulieLou, The Magical Owl best, she is adorable!;
6) My favourite thing about Autumn is the changing of the leaves as the first cool, crisp days of fall appear. Love the colours, the smells and the sounds of the leaves as they fall from the trees!
Thanks so much for your great giveaway, Deb

Grace said...

I would love to win this! The pillow is so cute! :)

Grace said...

I follow your blog :)

Grace said...

This is one of my favorites from your shop :)


Grace said...

I love the colors of fall, the leaves, having candles burning around the house, and knitting :)

Grace said...

I think this is my favorite from your website :)


rosewendy said...

I'd love a chance to win your pillow.

rosewendy said...

I am a follower of your blog

rosewendy said...

I am a follower of your blog

rosewendy said...

On your etsy site I like 'Extreme Primitive Chester the Bunny' with his sack of carrots.

Lynn said...

I would love to join the give a way. I am a new follower. The thing I love most about Autumn, is decorating my house. I love to decorate with pumpkins, guords, and all kinds of fall fun items. Halloween is my hubby's fav. holiday wo we decorate big for Halloween too. My birthday is 8/18 so maybe I will win.
Hugs and thanks,

Stacy said...

I am a new follower:) Love this cute pillow.

countercrafts said...

Please enter me in your drawing. I am a follower of your blog, my favorite item on Etsy is HOOT THE PRIMITIVE OWL TUCK SITTER, favorite item on your website is the Large "Simplify" keepsake box. My favorite part about fall is the cooler air and the beautiful colors of changing leaves. Thank you so much! Take Care and God Bless! Donna

Carlie said...

Please enter me in your drawing. Fall is my favorite season with all the beautiful colors!

Carlie said...

I'm already a follower and love your blog! It was hard to choose my favorite thing in your Esty shop but I really loved the Christmas owls and your pinkeeps.

Carlie said...

I visited your website and I just love Lily the frog doll especially since I have a granddaughter named Lily!

mamatkins said...

I would love to win. THanks,mamatkins@hotmail.com

Hillcresthome Prims said...

WOOHOO, I love your blog. I am a new follower. I found you on our forum, A Primitive Place! I love your fall time pillow. I am excited about this giveaway!

On your website I LOVE the witch's hat.
I LOVE everything to be honset!!!!

What I LOVE about fall time is the
the warm colors we use to decorate our homes inside and outside. I love the cooler days and taking a drive to see the colors on the trees turning and cooking and baking!!

I have also signed up for your news letter and I following your website. I don't facebook or twitter so the chances I have to win your awesome fall time pillow is 4.

Thanks a bunch for having this awesome giveaway!
Summer Blessings,

Ruffles and Relics said...

I am a follower... adorable pillow!!

Ruffles and Relics said...

my etsy favororite is the sugarcone tealight candle...

Ruffles and Relics said...

favorite website item is the yummy vintage prints candle set!!

Ruffles and Relics said...

I love the cool crisp mornings sitting outside with my coffee soaking in the beautiful colors of the ozarks!!

cockermom said...

Love the pillow! I am a follower and glad I found your blog, very nice stitchery. I love fall because it is the start of all the holiday decorating! My decor is the same from Easter till Sept. (usually Americana Prim)then the real prim starts with fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas! Time to get creative!

Nancy said...

The pillow is just too cool. I love fall decorations and would love to win! I am going to become your newest follower.

Farmhouse prims said...

I don't know how I missed your giveaway! I am a follower and would love to be entered in your giveaway! love your creations. Lecia

Raspberry Lane Primitives said...

oooh marilyn...this pillow is so cute...love fall prims! Please enter me.

Raelithe said...

Your creations are beautiful! So glad I found your blog. Autumn is my
favorite time of year as well, with the leaves turning and the chill in the air right around the corner, teasing us with the thoughts of another holiday season!

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