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Friday, March 25, 2011

Spring has Sprung!

Took this pic of some mini Daffs in my Garden...I love them.and have
them planted in lots of places in my Gardens..Everything is getting ready to bud and bloom.....Its supposed to be Spring...yet it is going down to 20 tonight...feel sorry for the poor buds on all the plants...Hope they don't freeze tonight~

And I thought I would show you my Newest Extreme Prim Bunny I have added to my Website..

(dee duncun design)

Hope You all have a Wonderful

"Spring" weekend!!

Smiles and Blessings,


Sheila said...

Thank you Marilyn for sharing a beautiful picture of your Daffodils! Yellow is such a happy color. We had snow this morning and it has turned cold again.
Hope you enjoy a nice weekend yourself!

Dawn said...

Can you cover the flowers tonight? They are so pretty. Can't wait until we have flowers here in Northeast PA.


Angie Berry said...

Daffodils are my favorite flower! Yours are so pretty!

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