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Friday, July 23, 2010

Flowers,Veggies and the Heat....

A few pics ofsome of my Flowers in our Gardens ..Mother Nature at her finest!

our hibiscus flowers...they are so beautiful,with each flower almost the size of a large dinner plate...amazing flowers...I guess they love this horrible heat we have been having in Southern New Jersey...cause they are thriving,with at least 8 of those huge flowers blooming on each plant at a time

I have more
pics I took  of my garden flowers,but need to resize them for the blog. I have a small veggie Garden,with tomato's and peppers...Because our home is a old house,the trees are huge,and we don't get lots of sun
so I can only have a small plot with veggies....but I have been
taking care of my veggie plants like little babies...and have lots and lots of
tomatos starting to ripen..Peppers too..I love knowing that I grew the veggies,and truly
nothing tastes better than  Jersey tomatos! I harvested ...my first three today..I've already
 picked enough peppers to use in pepper steak last night..so my pampering is
finally paying off...lol
Have a great weekend and don't forget to enter my new giveaway!
Hope you have a cool place to relax and get away from the horrible heat..

Blessings to you all.....Marilyn


dee begg said...

Love your hibiscus. I've never grown one but love their flowers. And Jersey tomatoes are good as well as Maryland ones. WE used to be in South Jersey almost every weekend doing craftshows...sort of miss the shows but not the early hours. I harvested my first tomatoes this week too and had a big old BLT with one....yummo!


Marilyn said...

My husband loves those plants...in fact he prompted me to get them. Now that I have them I glad I did.
I know what you mean about craft shows....having done them for twenty years...I miss the shows and people you meet,but not the hours and set up take down..lol
thanks for the comment..

Stay cool

Deana Stephens said...

The flowers are gorgeous ~ foxgloves are one of my favorites ~ simply beautiful! Blessings ~ Deana from Stephens Hollow

Cave Creek Studio said...

Beautiful hibiscus! I would love to have a garden but we have no sunny spots - all woods and shade. In this heat, I'm not complaining!

Maggey and Jim said...

I love your flowers..

Angie Berry said...

Your flowers are gorgeous! How lovely that you get to enjoy such wonderful Hibiscus!

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