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Friday, May 29, 2009

Mother Nature at her finest...

Spring has come in full glory...everywhere in my gardens the flowers are blooming..a riot of color finally after a long cold winter...Spring is one of my favorite seasons of the year.
I had chickadees build a nest in one of my birdhouses this year...and have been watching them daily as momma and poppa frantically feed the babies...Today..as I sat in the garden...My hubby and I saw the remaining baby peek his(her?)head out of the house...then edge out a little more,and then finally take his first flight!! He flew about four feet,and landed hanging upside down of a leaf of the oak tree...then flipped over and flew another 5 -6 feet....and then finally flew to the back yard to be greeted by his excited momma poppa and sisters and brothers..Its the first time in all the years of birds nesting in our gardens that I had the honor of seeing this happen... and feel blessed to have watched it... kinda like my child taking his first step!! The wonders of nature amaze me always!

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