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Friday, February 22, 2008

My Fur Baby

Keep Hanzy in your prayers....he's not doing too well.....

This is Hanzy...aka Hans Von Beck...my German shorthaired pointer, who is going to be 14 this August. I can honestly say I love this Dog more than any pet I have ever owner...and I have had tons of them! Here is his story.....
He is from Champion Bloodline,and found his way to me from
Western Penn. Shorthair Pointers are extremely attached to their owners..and go through separation anxiety when left alone. He was
very destructive when left...and so his owners who paid over $750.00 for him,gave him back to the breeder when he was 9 months old. My oldest son purchased one of the pups from this breeder and the breeder called him and said if he could give Hans a good home,he could have him....He was put in a pen with two other dogs,who attacked him.....he was then given to a friend of my sons...who also put him in a pen,outside...and he barked non stop..so they did not want him. My son brought him to our home to show him to us.
When I saw him I knew he belonged to me...Our souls connected somehow... It took months of loving care,and
reassurance..to calm him down. He had to learn to trust again...He was going through a dogs
version of a nervous breakdown...Once he knew he was truly loved,and could trust us not to
give him away...or put him outside in a pen...He became the dog he was all along..only not
allowed to show it...He is loving,gentle,kind,and very very attached to me and my DH...and spoiled rotten...lol.
He is not feeling good...has a large tumor,and I am afraid I am going to loose him. If love can keep him alive for more time..then he will be with us for a few more years...No matter what..he will hold a place in my heart forever...He is my beloved furry friend.....

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